Portland Cyber Security Services

Founded and operated from Portland, Oregon, Purple Folder offers local cyber security services in the greater Portland/Vancouver metro area.

Services we offer

Incident Response

Providing safeguards and industry-leading analytic techniques to ensure that your information stays secure.


Managing and maintaining networks to ensure speed, reliability, and security.

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Powering our platform is a unique Security Operations Center

Deployment of modern SIEM systems and security solutions can be a nightmare. We offer a unique approach to SIEM deployment and offer a full security operations center to cover not only on-premise solutions but cloud offerings from several different service providers.

We utilize the latest threat intelligence feeds to ensure 0-day and emerging threats are effectively handled, as well as identify fileless and memory resident attacks that leave little to no forensic trace. This is just one of the technologies we employ to keep our clients safe 24/7.

Endpoint, Network & Email

Today’s cyber-attackers are no longer just sending off poorly worded emails, or hoodie clad nerds hunkered in their parents basements. The sophistication, financing and tools of today’s actors are improving at alarming rates. Small and midsized businesses, while becoming more of a target, are simply not aware, or equipped for modern threats within their enterprise environments.

With a comprehensive security background, Neuralearth protects your business and its data through the use of NextGen endpoint security, Advanced Network Threat Protection, Host Intrusion Detection, and other unusual activity with our SIEM. You are also protected form today’s more common malware and ransomware entry point with email firewalls, phishing protection and phishing avoidance training.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Information Security

Are you secure? How do you know? Your business relies on countless devices, connections and data to succeed. Knowing who has access to what and by what means is critical. An internal assessment includes items such as your network design, redundancy and security, policies and their effectiveness, insider threat potential and more. 

External assessments look for publicly available information and its effects, external vulnerabilities, etc. If you are relying on your current IT staff’s view on your security, that’s like proofreading your own term paper. Be certain. Have one of our certified expert’s fresh eyes evaluate your posture.

60% of small businesses close 6 months after being hacked.

Are you secure? Get started with your assessment today!

Live Corporate Training

In the 2018 U.S. State of Cybercrime report, 66% of companies
that provided security awareness training saw “significant” or
“reasonable” positive impact.

No matter how secure a computer network is, a human making a mistake can still be costly. Our security professionals can train your staff to identify and avoid spearphishing and impersonation.

Management Security Services