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Organization-wide Information Flow

The right network can make a difference in the ways in which you conduct your day to day business. Better yet, a network that’s powerful, effective, and most importantly, personally tailored to the unique needs of your business is absolutely critical.

Your Organization is Effective. So Should Your Network

Infomation works best when it flows freely

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Efficient Network Performance

Don’t be afraid to grow. Here at Purple Folder, our team of networking professionals design your network around your plans fro growth. We build scalable networks that offer a seamless, and organization-wide flow of information, along with unrivaled network performance.

From there, you can finally rest assured that the uptime, monitoring, and redundancy of your network is taken care of through world-class systems from Cisco, Palo Alto, Ubiquity, and more, along with a dedicated team of professionals who stand at the ready to provide assistance.

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Incident Response

Providing safeguards and industry-leading analytic techniques to ensure that your information stays secure.


Managing and maintaining networks to ensure speed, reliability, and security.