HOW SECURE IS your company?

Keeping company systems safe and secure is our top priority. Learn a little more about our unique approach during your free IT security review.

It’s no secret that cyber threats run rampant on the web. From ransomware and malware, to data breaches and phishing, leaving your network vulnerable to a threat can be catastrophic. Here at Purple Folder, we are your tried and true managed IT services team ready to step in and implement the right end-to-end cyber security solutions your company needs to stay safe.


We have no salespeople. We consist entirely of experienced professionals ready to offer your business a personal touch with speedy support tailored to your needs. When it’s time to find the right cyber security partner – look no further. Purple Folder is ready to help.

Three Steps to Avoid Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. The downtime from experiencing a successful ransomware attack can last several days. 

Protecting your mission-critical systems is paramount! The team at Purple Folder are experts in the next-generation protections to defend against modern cyber-attacks.

Learn about the three steps your company can take to avoid being hit with ransomware. 


Latest Protections

We offer our clients the very best in next-gen endpoint detection and response. Protecting the front line from a variety of old and emerging threats.

IT Help Desk

If you are worried about that link you clicked or just can't get that PDF to open correctly, we have you covered with immediate support available.

Security Centric

Our entire platform was engineered from the ground up to provide next-gen detection and automatic response to security issues. We work on all levels of systems and networks to ensure the maximum level of security.

A Personal Touch

No waiting for a ticket response or calling a call center. When you call us, you always get a real human.

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Endpoint to edge management

We run an approach that is different from most IT service providers by providing several state-of-the-art functions that are essential in today’s online climate

Managed IT Security Services | Risk Management in Cyber Security

We Solve Real Problems

A few of the services we offer

IT Security

Providing safeguards and industry-leading analytic techniques to ensure that your information stays secure.

Managed IT Services

Modern IT systems are extensive and complicated. We offer IT Help Desk services, Disaster recover and continuity of business planning,…

Incident Response

Providing safeguards and industry-leading analytic techniques to ensure that your information stays secure.


Managing and maintaining networks to ensure speed, reliability, and security.

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Do you have compromised passwords?

Monitoring for leaked credentials is critical for IT security management. Our proactive approach allows us to monitor for new leaked passwords as well as other data security incidents that might impact your company. 

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