There are a variety of situations that call for expert response. We pride ourselves in delivering results under the most stressful situations when minutes matter. Falling victim to ransomware, disaster, and virus outbreaks are just a few examples of common events that can call for professional incident response.

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Recovering from a cyber attack can be a daunting, frightening, and disheartening task. But when you have a tested, trusted, and proven team of IT professionals by your side, your setting you and your business up for success.

Our industry leading Incident Response service is designed to help you recover from ransomware, viruses, data breaches, and much more. These common cyberthreats can often wreak havoc on a business – but when you respond the right way, you can move forward without skipping a beat.

We’ll work with you to prepare for disaster by establishing a clear prevention strategy. From there, we’ll work to detect incidents, intrusions, and vulnerabilities quickly, so that we can identify the breach and respond accordingly. Last, we’ll help you contain and eradicate any malicious activity, while also working to restore and recover your systems quickly.

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The best time to start investigating an incident is before it occurs. Optimal Incident Response requires thorough preparation and well laid out plans

  • Plans. Are you prepared for an incident?  Who will you call first. You need to have several items in place including: Communication Plan (phone tree, who and who doesn’t get notified and when), Roles and Responsibilities, etc
  • Inventory. Have you listed all assets in order of importance: Servers, Desktops, Network Equipment, Software
  • Practice. Have buy-in of critical team members. Run through various drills to test your plans and adjust as necessary
During this stage, our team arrives on-site where possible to assess the situation. We take great care to preserve as much information as possible that can assist in the analysis stage.
  • Identification. Is this an event, or an incident. Our security teams identify breaches using various methodologies. Identification is easier when Intrusion Detection Systems, Firewalls, and a comprehensive Security Information Event Management System are in place.
  • Collect Evidence. While identifying  the threat, ancillary data that is collected is retained for future use.
  • Construct Timeline. Using the information collected compile a timeline to the first intrusion steps, determining what systems are affected.
With the investigative process complete, work can begin on:
  • Containment. One of the 1st steps after identification is to contain the damage and prevent further penetration. This may include taking additional systems offline for a time.
  • Eradication. Neutralizing the threat by cleaning the effected systems and restoring them as close to their previous state as possible.
  • Recovery. If ancillary systems were taken offline, these are brought back online. Secondary monitoring is usually deployed to provide closer monitoring of the affected systems
  •  Lessons Learned. How and When can you improve your security posture to avoid future incidents.
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